“Krista has an amazing and immediate rapport with school leaders. Her session was inspiring and practical. Truly outstanding professional learning…Thank you, Krista!!”

“Krista really knew her subject matter. She also did a very good job of reading her audience and switching gears when the moment called for it. She mixed up the pace and the movement of her presentation. She was energetic and empathetic.”

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“Krista’s professional work supports her research in this area. Too many times presenters want to tell you about their “research” and not the “work” they have completed with the topic.”

“Krista effectively helped move the conversation into productive reflection and conversation.”

“Very energetic and knowledgeable presenter!  The interactive activities energized us and helped us reconnect.”

“Krista was very knowledgeable about the content. She presented clear ideas in a respectful and meaningful way. The activities kept all participants involved in the process throughout the entire day. The structure allowed for every participant to have a voice, even if reluctant or shy. Great training!”
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“I enjoyed the opportunity to openly share the difficulties that lie ahead for our teachers with the implementation of SEL. The breaks (physical movement) and experiential learning were wonderful!!”