Professional Partnerships

Thom Stecher and Associates 

  • For the past eleven years, I have worked closely with Thom Stecher (of Thom Stecher and Associates) to learn more about social emotional learning and the power of community and relationships. Under his tutelage, we have provided professional learning support to educators across the United States in the areas of social emotional learning, comprehensive behavioral health models, and Student Assistance Programming (SAP).
  • Thom and I continue to collaborate, and build upon one another’s work and research, to offer high-quality, experiential, relevant professional learning for administrators, educators, and students. His passion for building community among all stakeholders and paving a path for others committed to social emotional learning education bolsters his unwavering dedication to improving education for students.

Teaching Learning Succeeding, LLC. (TLS)

  • I met Dr. Pete Grande in 2008 during my first year as an instructional technology coach. His company, TLS, provided professional learning on differentiated instruction to the teachers in my district. His enthusiasm for teaching and learning, his deep knowledge of differentiated instruction, and his continuous support as we implemented new strategies left a lasting impression on me.
  • In November of 2017, Dr. Grande and I reconnected and I am proud to currently work as a professional learning facilitator for TLS. In this role, I provide ongoing, job-embedded support to educators as they learn and implement differentiated instruction strategies and meet the academic needs of all their students.
  • For more information regarding professional development on Differentiated Instruction, please visit the TLS website or contact Dr. Pete Grande directly via email.